parts ways with CS:GO roster

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  • 浏览:121 has mutually parted ways with its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup.

  The Polish organization announced the departure of its team just hours after a potential move was reported by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis. made a point to quickly establish that the decision was mutual, though.

  Following official matches that are scheduled for May 1, the squads’ contracts with will be terminated despite negotations and conversations that transpired over the last four months.

  The main discrepancies with the contracts that caused this drastic move include the fact that the team would have to consistently practice at Kinguin’s Esports Performance Center in 必发88 Warsaw.

  The organization also wanted to implement a performance payment system. This system would see the team receive money based on their performances throughout each month, seemingly causing an unreliable and unpredictable wage for the professional players.

  Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, the veteran Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player of Virtus Pro fame who helped build, is welcome to rejoin the brand at any time if he wants to, according to the official statement.

  There’s no word as to which organization—if any—the newly-unsigned roster aims to join in the near future. Virtus Pro have been struggling for quite some time now and is reportedly parting ways with long-standing player Pawe? “byali” 必发88官网 Bieliński. So the Polish organization could look to sign some of the recently-released players from devils.必发88one moving forward.

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